The Beginning

I could have waited several more years to write this post and I still wouldn't have felt ready. If we're to make any substantial progress in anything, we have to be willing to feel unready

Y'all unready for this? I am.

I have numerous goals.
I can be vague: I want to be my own boss. 
If you prefer, I can be specific: I want to open up my own martial arts gym by 2020.

Along the way to these "macro" goals, there are probably millions of "micro" decisions I'll have to make along the way. Examples of some decisions I'll have to make:
1. Dammit it's 7am and I don't wanna get up... AHHHH GET UP FINE I'M GETTING UP.
2. Hmmm I could really go for an entire Stuffed Crust Pizza™ from Pizza Hut... NO DON'T DO THAT DUMBASS.

You get the picture. 

So let's do this. Let's go "full ass."