Groceries, Pace Bend, and Flow States

It's always toughest for me to avoid "bad food" on the weekends, but I survived this one. I'm loving the accountability that this website/blog has given me. I went grocery shopping to continue my shake challenge (Day 5 today, going strong). Here's what I got:


Saturday, I went to Pace Bend State Park. I've gone two Saturdays in a row now. Being at Pace Bend really helps me realign my goals and priorities with regard to fitness and wellness. It's time to reveal a little bit more about myself...

I'm an extreme introvert. If I just followed my natural inclinations and didn't actively try to step out of my comfort zone, I'd stay at home all day every day, ordering pizza very often. I've had mild to severe social anxiety throughout my life and quite simply, NOT going out and experiencing life is easier - but when I do push myself and get out, I'm always reminded how much better it is.

 Pace Bend is a place where I can dive, swim, and climb. When I'm doing these types of things, my mind opens up and I'm so much happier. Here's a fun, quick workout video I shot. I'm fat, but we all knew that already.

A concept I continually return to is Flow. We reach flow states when we engage in activities that are challenging to us, but also suited to our abilities. When we're in flow states, we're in the present moment. Time flies, our worries melt away, and we're happy. At Pace Bend, when I jump, swim, and climb, I feel Flow.

As I continue this journey, I hope I can remember these thoughts. Life is like water that's just a little bit too cold. It's easier to stay out, more comfortable to stay warm. But if we jump on in, it's always more fun and we never regret it. So let's jump!