First Steps on a New Path

Starting's the hardest part, right? It is for me, anyway.

I don't know when it happened, but at some point early on in life I decided not to take risks. Getting good grades, pleasing everyone around me, and refraining from causing any problems whatsoever were my priorities. I've second-guessed myself out of trying new hobbies, talking to girls I liked, and having fun in general. 

Starting a podcast is a risk. I'm risking my time and my money. Far more importantly though, I'm risking my ego. 

We see ourselves a certain way. Our self-images form and strengthen over time. Challenging them can be very painful. To follow through with recording and releasing podcasts, I need to be able to see and hear myself and be OK with sharing it. I also have to understand that I'm opening myself up to criticism. So far, I've done this.

I just recorded and released the third episode of KyleCast. Its visual quality is terrible but I'm proud of the content of our discussion in general. I'm excited about improving with practice and experience.