Major Life Changes Coming

Major shifts in perspective fascinate me because they never lose potency. Negativity and positivity. when strong enough, overpower all logic and rationality. This is a lesson I've learnt many times. If you're a generally stable person, this might not make any sense to you. Mercurial people will understand, though, and to help the rest, I'll use the oldest cliche there is to describe thought patterns.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

If you asked me 1 year ago today, on 3/29/16, I might have said:

The glass is half full! I understand that many might think the glass is half empty, but they can't see how lucky they really are! There are so many possibilities, so many ways we can connect and help each other - if we just try, we can fill the rest of the glass and many more!

If you asked me 4 months ago, on 11/29/16, I might have said:

Who gives a fuck? 

The glass is both half empty and half full. 

Everything is true. Different truths are highlighted depending on your outlook.

I spoke a bit about starting down the path of freelance writing in my last post. This is something I've continued and something that I hope will be my main source of income for the foreseeable future. It's also an excellent example of a piece of my life that I can look at in different ways. 

On a bad day, I think:

  • I'm making less money than I did when I was 24.
  • My income isn't guaranteed. This could dry up at any time.
  • This is too complicated. With marketing and pitching ideas, many of the hours that I work are unpaid.

I'm going to pause before explaining what I think on a good day to note an epiphany I had about a year ago that seems as true and as poignant now as it did when I first had it:

Positivity deserves more trust than negativity.

Rationality, by definition, is flat and objective. Positivity and negativity both imply irrationality to some degree. Regardless, it seems that those who follow positive trains of thought enjoy better results in life than those who follow negative trains of thought. Because of this, it makes sense to me that we should strive to make our biggest decisions when we feel good, when we see the possibilities in life.

So on a good day, I think about my freelance writing in this light:

  • I'm gaining experience very quickly.
  • I'm my own boss.
  • I'm actually a "professional writer"!

And most importantly... to finally get to the damned point...

  • I can do this from anywhere in the world.

 2017: The year of the digital nomad

In a more positive mood, I stumbled across r/digitalnomad. It's an online community of people who make their living online and have the freedom to travel full-time. It dawned on me that nothing is stopping me from doing this, as well. 

My goals now are to flesh out my online portfolio as much as possible and to make plans for my first digital nomad trip. I'm not sure where I'm going to go first. Part of me wants to make it somewhere in Mexico so that I'm still pretty close to home. Part of me wants to hop on a plane to Thailand and say Bye to the United States for 6 months or more.

Either way, my life will look very different very soon.